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What is Wax?

Wax is a generic term for a range of natural or synthetic products. For convenience the range can be subdivided:

  • Natural waxes
  • Synthetic waxes
  • Mineral hydrocarbon waxes
  • Petroleum waxes


Waxes are usually defined by their characteristic properties (see also International Customs Tariff, Harmonized System HS 3404):

  • solid at 20° C, varying in consistency from soft and plastic to brittle and hard
  • as solids as coarse to finely crystalline, transparent to opaque, but not glass-like
  • have relatively low viscosity slightly above the melting point
  • melt above ca. 40° C without decomposition
  • consistency and solubility are highly temperature dependant
  • buffable under slight pressure
  • burn with yellow flame can form pastes or gels when dispersed in solvents
  • exhibit low thermal and electrical conductivity

Type of waxes

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