European Wax Federation

Function and Effect of Waxes (examples)

  • flatting in paint systems
  • fuel in candles and firelogs
  • mold release
  • lubrication in plastic procession
  • protection against UV attack in rubber
  • coating and lamination in flexible packaging
  • moisture proofing in fibre and chipboard
  • pigment carrier for colour concentrates and dispersions
  • imparting gloss and protection in polishes
  • viscosity regulation in hot melt adhesives

For more details, please refer to review articles such as "Waxes", Ullmann's Encyclopedia, Vol. A 28, VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, 1996


For any characteristic that has not been adequately described in ASTM or other internationally standardized methods, the EWF proposes a suitable test as developed by its members.

So far, 2 tests are available:

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